What If We Threw You A Bone…

Could You Bring The Funny?

Funny Bonz Cards is a unique, interactive, customizable greeting card experience with fill-in-the-blank responses where you get to be the comedian!


Do You Have What It Takes To Tickle Someone’s Funny Bone?

1. Select Your Card

We have cards for every occasion with a variety of card designs! Choose a family friendly card for the Pups or our 18+ option for the Big Dogs (explicit content).

2. Customize Your Card

Time to Unleash the Funny! Fill in the card blanks as prompted and make your card uniquely yours — get ready to tickle someone’s Funny Bone!

3. Reveal Your Card

Hot diggity dog… your card is complete! Get ready to laugh your tail off while you enjoy the fruits of your comic labor as you read your custom card.

4. Send Your Card

Who will be the lucky dog receiving your Funny Bonz Card creation? Choose between multiple easy delivery methods!

Our PAWSOME Card Selection

Ready to create your custom card? It’s doggone easy!

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